About Dr Guilford

Dr. Guilford graduated from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Texas Medical Branch Medical School. After two years of general surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital he completed his ENT surgery residency at the University of Michigan. He was Board certified in Otolaryngology in 1978.

Dr. GuilfordDr. Guilford has been in clinical practice since 1979. In 1985 he introduced complementary medical approaches into his practice. The concept that chronic inflammation functions as a causative factor in illness became apparent while he was the director of a laboratory specializing in in-vitro allergy and viral immunology testing (1982 -1992). His interest in yeast and mold related health problems began with the development of an immunologic test for IgG to Candida albicans, which was published in the Journal of Advancement in Medicine (ACAM journal), volume 1, 1986.

He began using metal detoxification methods in 1995, and research into the toxicity of mercury lead to the observation that in addition to its role as an antioxidant, glutathione is critical in the defense against heavy metals. His interest in the mechanisms of inflammation and the role of toxins has led to research related to the glutathione antioxidant and detoxification pathways.

In 2002, he received the Norman C Clark Award for Innovation, American College for the Advancement of Medicine: Mercury, the Great Imitator: Perspectives on the Various Presentations Related to Mercury, Methods of Diagnosis and an Approach to Therapy. Glutathione also functions as a cell signal in the immune system, so it serves as a critical component linking toxicity and oxidation stress to immune dysfunction. Dr. Guilford’s study of the role that glutathione plays in the basic mechanism of many diseases led to his formulation of ReadiSorb Glutathione, a liposome encapsulation of reduced glutathione, over 8 years ago. A number of studies related to the properties of liposomal glutathione have been published and more are in progress. x