November, 2002:  At ACAM’s Annual Meeting, which was held in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Guilford gave a talk on mercury entitled “Mercury, The Great Imitator.” He reviewed some of the controversies related to mercury and pointed out the large number of illnesses that have been associated with mercury in the literature. He related three cases of irritable bowel disease that are mercury-related, two of which resolved completely with detoxification, and the remaining case which was in the process of detoxification.  Dr. Guilford received the Norman E. Clarke Award for Innovation for this lecture.

September, 2002:  Children’s Oncology Group Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri:  “The Role of a Bioactive,  Cysteine-Rich Dietary Supplement in Wasting Syndromes”

March, 2005:  International College of Integrative Medicine Spring Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona:  “The Role of Glutathione in Health and Disease”

April, 2005: Southwest Naturopathic Association Meeting, Tempe, Arizona:  “The Role of Glutathione in Health and Disease”

October, 2005: National Association of Nutrition Professionals, San Rafael, California:  “The Role of Glutathione in Detoxification and Maintaining Neurotransmitter Balance”

May, 2007:  13th Melisa Study Group on The Emerging Role of Metals in Chronic Diseases, Bremen, Germany:  “The Role of Glutathione Related to Mercury, Autoimmune Disease and Autism”

October, 2007:  California Naturopathic Doctors’ Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, California:  “Glutathione:  Antioxidant, Detoxifying Agent and Cell Signal”

February, 2008: Orthomolecular Health-Medicine Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California:  “Glutathione, an Anti-inflammatory Hormone”

March, 2008:  International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology, Chicago, Illinois:  “Glutathione:  Linking Toxins, Oxidative “Stress and Immune Function – The Basics”  and “The Role of Oxidative Stress/Chronic Inflammation in Disease:  Autism to Vascular Disease”

April, 2008:  American College for Advancement in Medicine, Orlando, Florida:  “Oxidative Stress and Atherosclerosis:  A Study Utilizing Liposomal Glutathione”

March, 2009:  Pan American Allergy Society, Houston, Texas:  “Anti-oxidant properties of Liposomal Glutathione”

April, 2009:  American College for Advancement in Medicine, San Diego, California:  “Glutathione in Metals Detoxification”

May, 2009:  14th Melisa Study Group on Metals and more: Crossroads between Allergy, Inflammation and Disease, Valencia, Spain:  “Free Radicals, Oxidized LDL and Inflammation in Cardiovascular and Neurological Diseases”

March, 2010: Glutathione and the Lung
Pan American Allergy Society Training Course and Seminar
The Woodlands, Texas

Jan 19, 2013
Mycotoxin Conference
Mycotoxins and Glutathione Depletion

March 1-2, 2013
NC Integrative Medical Society
Emerging Approaches in Integrative Medicine: Evidence-based Clinical Practice – Glutathione Depletion, A Major Component of The Pathogenicity of Mycotoxins and Metals

Sept, 2013
8th International Medical Conference on Bio-Cybernetics and Energy Medicine
Sponsored by Simon Yu, St Louis, Mo.
The Role of Oxidative Stress in the Development of Cancer

Oct. 2013
The Role of Glutathione in Mycotoxin Detoxification
American Academy of Environmental Medicine
Workshop on Mycotoxins
October, 26 2013,
Phoenix, AZ

October 2014
Oxidation Stress and Cancer
Riordan IVC and Cancer Symposium
Theme: Addressing the Metabolic Roots of Cancer
October 3-4, 2014, Wichita KS

October 2014
Depletion of glutathione by Mycotoxin and in other Conditions
American Academy of Environmental Medicine
Integrative Solutions for 21st Century Medicine
October 23 – 26, 2014, Albuquerque, NM

January,  2015
Glutathione, oxidative stress and cancer
Hippocrates Health Institute,
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
January 20, 2015

June 2016
Deficient glutathione in the pathophysiology of mycotoxin-related illness.
Mycotoxin Treatment Symposium
Dallas Tex
June 28,  2016
Video available through

March 2017
Glutathione and NeuroInflammation
Environmental Health Symposium 2017
March 3-5, 2017
San Diego, CA
Hilton San Diego